Why ask?

Have you ever been afraid to ask a question? It never hurts to ask. The worst answer you can receive is ‘no’. Learning how to ask questions can help shape the person you are and get you places you want to be.

In my previous blog post, ‘Designer knowledge, inspiration and motivation’, I reference the importance of constantly learning and one of the ways to do so – ask questions. Not being afraid to ask a question helps build confidence, knowledge (also referenced) and can even inspire. My son, Cooper, just turned 4 and he never stops asking questions. It’s my answers that enable him to learn about life and grow into the young man he will become. Why should he stop there?

If I didn’t ask questions, I wouldn’t be able to learn about my clients and their needs which enables me to create the best work possible. Anyway, it’s exciting to learn about other industries, particularly ones that take your interest.

Never pass on an opportunity to learn something new. Would you rather be left wondering about an answer? It never hurts to ask.

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