Publish like a ‘pro’

Nothing beats Microsoft Office Outlook for emailing. Word has some great value too alongside Excel and PowerPoint, especially if you’re savvy enough to really hone in on the program features.

Publisher on the other hand, thats another story. It’s stated on their website ‘Publish like a pro’. I’m telling you now, the ‘pros’ are definitely NOT using publisher. Sure, it’s fine to lay something out for internal use but when it comes to promoting your brand, don’t go there.

There are even websites that produce logos after a few clicks. They produce generic designs that may be used by others – not tailored to your specific needs at all.

I think most design professionals will agree with me when I say if I see copy or ‘artwork’ come through as a publisher file, or people talking about their logo they designed using a logo generator website, I instantly sigh.

Bottom line? Don’t publish like a pro, leave it to the pro’s, we are better conversationalists too.

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