The Collective

The Collective Branding

The aim of the rebrand was to bring Food Store, Teller and The Vault together, under the one brand identity, The Collective.

A modern, contemporary, minimalist design was created to achieve this and also allow for additional icons if required in the future. A tag line was also incorporated to identify the venues – meet, eat, celebrate.

Here is the thought process behind the new brand identity…

The three venues are linked together by their location, which the concept represents in its simplest form. It takes the ‘dot’ from the drop pin icon (used to highlight locations online) and its symbolic reference of a ‘point’ both meaning location.

The venue icons are linked by their bespoke forms made up of the same characters – 2 lines and one ‘dot’. It’s clear which business each icon belongs to due to the letterform (also making it possible to add to the collection in future). This allows the icons to be easily identified on their own. Due to the dot and its meaning (location) being the clear connection between all venues, it’s carried on into The Collective logo used in the centre of the circle and letter ‘C’ – thus summarising this connection.

The simplicity of the design is modern and easily recognisable as individual venues and together, as The Collective.

The Collective Visual Style Suite