The Bridge Youth Service

The Bridge Youth Service work with young people aged between 12 and 25 to increase their sense of belonging and create a community connection with value and respect and believe in their power to change their situations.

The focus is on the letter ‘u’ in the word youth. This brings emphasis to the word ‘youth’ being the organisation’s key audience and also plays into how youth abbreviate words and actions to their simplest form – so ‘U’ instead of ‘you’. The word ‘you’ is also found in ‘youth’ but just focusing on the letter ‘u’ brings all the connections together in a simpler way – relatable to the audience as a whole and individually by highlighting ‘u’ and ‘you’ where possible across branding. Simple icons such as the Facebook and Instagram logos stand out to youth so the ‘u’ can also be used as a stand alone graphic across marketing collateral to build brand recognition. The fonts are bold and curved so appeal to the audience but also remain professional. The colour scheme uses 4 colours being blue, purple, orange and yellow (along with black for contrast). These colours also represent the 4 key areas of the organisation – homelessness, education, young parents/pregnancy, and family relationships.