Shepparton ACE Secondary College Rebrand


Shepparton ACE Secondary College wanted to upgrade their branding image alongside the of addition ‘secondary’ to their name.
The open book with the middle pages creating a heart shape symbolises the care and support (more typical of a family/home environment) provided by the school. Open
book referencing education and students creating their own independence and pathways, while being supported by the school, to their future. The way the heart pages come up out of the book represents ‘growth’.
There is a hidden arrow in the middle symbolic of ‘direction’ as it points down to the inside pages of the book. The thick, curved lines bring a sense of creativity from the hands on approach of the school and student artwork decorating the classrooms. This also ties into the typeface used for the word ‘ACE’ as it is also curved and symbolises handwriting.
To help Shepparton ACE Secondary College stand out amongst other schools in the area, a simple san-serif typeface is used for the rest of the wording, giving the design a professional look while staying true to the school’s core values. The existing colours of red and blue remain although the shades have changed to add contrast and highlight parts of the design, such as ‘ACE’ and the heart pages of the book

Visual Style Suite