Riverview Dental

Riverview Dental has always been positioned with a view of the Australian bush visible from the back windows of the business. The owner, who has a passion for the Australian landscape, approached me to help change the branding by creating a new logo. The business was also undergoing a renovation, all of which was to update the branding by bringing the view inside to help create a calming natural environment for their clients and combat the nerves associated with a dentist visit.

The previous logo (below) was very basic and didn’t reflect his intentions so I researched the area whilst keeping up with the architect’s vision for the building.


The result come from the ‘R’ in Riverview, transformed from the shape combination of a gum leaf and the river water flow found behind the business. This form ties the landscape and dental practice together along with the calming gradient of colours made up of green and blue, also taken from the landscape. The half circle symbolises this connection. The colours are also used throughout the building along with various textures and images of the landscape featured on the walls.

Above is an image of the logo used on the building exterior.