KDL Branding

KDL Logo

The Kyabram District Football Netball League wanted a rebrand to coincide with their new sponsorship and changes to the league for the 2019 season and beyond. The colours were to remain the same but simplify the abbreviation to KDL with the words Football Netball smaller to identify the sports.

The graphic above the letterforms are the markings and shapes taken from a netball and football, combined to show harmony between the two sports.

The chosen font is a bold san serif typeface with some corners curving to show strength within the community. The ‘K’ and ‘D’ join to symbolise the communities and unity within the league amongst players, spectators, sponsors and families. The wave on the letter ‘L’ symbolises the movement of kicking or running and relates back to the icon, tying them together, allowing the type to be used separate to the icon as well.

The league’s navy, yellow and red colours are utilised to highlight the type and icons.

Below is the cover design using the new branding of the weekly booklet, 5th Quarter, with all the game day information inside.KDL 5th Quarter