One problem, multiple answers

There are many exciting and interesting facts about design. How about the fact there are multiple answers for the same problem.
Design has endless possibilities with each designer having something unique to offer. Like Maths, it has an equation, being the communication, and a solution, the visual. The fun part for design and maths, is the problem solving! That’s what I love about design.

To the designers, showcase your best work and projects you enjoyed and are proud of (they represent your brand) to continue the fun by attracting future projects based on your design style.

TIP: To the designer, a brief description about the project can help a potential client understand your problem solving to really appreciate your answer to the brief. To the client, take the time to read these descriptions, it may take your interest to a new level and help you engage with a designer best suited to your project.

To the client, find a designer, whose portfolio captures your eye. After all, it will be their best work and projects they enjoyed working on. We all know if we enjoy something we put in maximum effort. It could be the start of a great working relationship for you and your brand.

So the equation of design vs maths, they really are on the same team, solving problems one equation, or project, at a time.

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