Designer knowledge, inspiration and motivation

The beauty of being a designer is that we never stop learning. We grow our strengths by learning how to adapt to new trends, from other designers, reading blogs, people we look up to, trying new things, asking questions and thinking outside the box.

You may have noticed my design strengths outlined in the ‘about me’ section on my website. They will never appear at 100% as there is always more to learn. The programs I use are being updated all the time with new features so it is highly unlikely you will know the full extent of their features and abilities at one time.

With so many new things to learn we have constant opportunities to be inspired, and therefore motivated, to continue our creative passion for design.

My most recent inspiration comes from well known graphic designer, blog writer and published author, David Airey. I have always wanted to become an independent designer and the guidance and inspiration he provides in his books, ‘Work for money, design for love’ (link) and ‘Logo Design Love’, has motivated me to be true to my personal interests, values and beliefs related to the industry I love. And with that, enables me to create the best work possible and build honest client relationships as a result. If you have ever been in the same boat as me, do yourself a favour and look David up! Links provided above.

One of the hardest things about being an independent designer is not being able to turn my chair around to fellow creatives and say ‘what do you think about this?’. Which is why it is so important to find different avenues that enable you to learn, be inspired and encourage your true creative potential.


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