February 27, 2018

Creative Process

Conceptual Design

Developing concepts and designs for my clients is not just something I do, it’s my passion. I’ve been working as a Graphic Designer for more than 10 years now and by far my favourite part of what I do is piecing together my clients thoughts and ideas to create effective and consistent campaigns with the aim to meet specific goals.

Creative Communication

Being able to understand and conceptualise the ideas and messages that a client is trying to convey about their business and it’s desired direction is essential to effective, creative communication. Throughout the entire design process I work with clients to ensure that their goals are being heard and understood. After all, Nexis is about bringing your brand concept to life.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is quite literally the art of projecting ideas with visual and textual content, but the key to developing great ideas is effective communication between a designer and their client. As a Graphic Designer I’ve spent many years developing and nurturing my creativity to be able to deliver the most effective concepts and the art of creative conversation with clients is how the magic happens