4 Key Points to Strategic Communication

  Who else hates reading slabs of text at a time while looking for information? It can put you off reading altogether as it appears too overwhelming. Unless, of course you want to sit down and read a novel – that’s a different story, pun intended. Part of my design process is to read over[…]

Publish like a ‘pro’

Nothing beats Microsoft Office Outlook for emailing. Word has some great value too alongside Excel and PowerPoint, especially if you’re savvy enough to really hone in on the program features. Publisher on the other hand, thats another story. It’s stated on their website ‘Publish like a pro’. I’m telling you now, the ‘pros’ are definitely[…]

Design vs Maths

One problem, multiple answers

There are many exciting and interesting facts about design. How about the fact there are multiple answers for the same problem. Design has endless possibilities with each designer having something unique to offer. Like Maths, it has an equation, being the communication, and a solution, the visual. The fun part for design and maths, is[…]

Why ask?

Have you ever been afraid to ask a question? It never hurts to ask. The worst answer you can receive is ‘no’. Learning how to ask questions can help shape the person you are and get you places you want to be. In my previous blog post, ‘Designer knowledge, inspiration and motivation’, I reference the[…]

Logo Evolution

I’ve never really been into history but I do find the story behind a good brand fascinating. Take the ‘Striding Man’. While you pour your Johnnie Walker scotch in anticipation of sipping your favourite label, I marvel at the logo on the bottle as I reflect on its history. Yes, I am a design nerd.[…]

Ad Stalk

Have you checked Facebook for the 60th time today and been scrolling through your feed and saw something catch your eye? For me, ads for things like recipes, coffee shops, t-shirts that say ‘I love graphic design’. And don’t lie, you have used the phrase ‘lets Facebook stalk her/him’. Well, that’s how I feel about[…]