Ad Stalk

Have you checked Facebook for the 60th time today and been scrolling through your feed and saw something catch your eye? For me, ads for things like recipes, coffee shops, t-shirts that say ‘I love graphic design’.
And don’t lie, you have used the phrase ‘lets Facebook stalk her/him’. Well, that’s how I feel about the ads, they are stalking us! The first time it happened I was freaked out. I was looking around like, ‘how does it know’.

I recently attended a Social Media Workshop in Dookie which touched upon ad stalking. Of course it’s not called that, but I feel like it sums it up nicely. Facebook takes note of the pages we like, visit, share and also our personal details like age, gender and location – even the devices we view it all on.
Those of us who have a business, it’s a little win for you, with Facebook having the ability to tailor who sees your ad/post boost. Then of course you can view insights later to see how you went (remember content is just as important but more on that another time).

Now, let’s face it, we didn’t sign up to Facebook for the ads (which came later anyway). So while we are scrolling through our feed, finding out what family and friends have been up to (the original reason for the site) and something catches your eye again, think of all the things behind the scenes going on in order for that post to appear. It really is quite clever and don’t worry no one is stalking you, it’s just the statistical data of social media. Sounds a lot less dramatic huh?

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