4 Key Points to Strategic Communication


communicationWho else hates reading slabs of text at a time while looking for information? It can put you off reading altogether as it appears too overwhelming. Unless, of course you want to sit down and read a novel – that’s a different story, pun intended.

Part of my design process is to read over content and create a communication strategy to ensure the message is clear. The pictured image is taken behind the scenes of this strategic planning. I read over all content and highlight key information, based on my discussions about the purpose of the project, then strategically combined design with the re-written messages to target key points creating flow and hierarchy.

Event posters are a good example as well. Yeah sure, they will all have the name of the event, date, time, venue details, cost, maybe some information on the event and a supporting image, but if you have to spend time looking for all these details it is much less satisfying than when they stand out straight away.

My 4 key points to strategic communication:

  1. Content – Sometimes less is more to highlight only what is important
  2. Hierarchy – start with something to make people want to read on
  3. Flow – ensuring the reader can easily follow the messages through the visual
  4. Design – the overall visual supporting the message

We are all guilty of stopping to look at something we find attractive, but how often do we actually understand its purpose?

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