3 free handy websites for file sharing…plus an added bonus

Emails bouncing back? Chances are your file sizes are too large. A common but frustrating problem. To help you with your file sharing, I am sharing with you my top 3 handy websites all relating to this common but frustrating problem.

  1. wetransfer.com
    Click through to free and send up to 2GB made up of one or multiple files. Enter your email, the email you are sending it too and an optional message then hit the transfer button. A link is emailed ready for downloading. This site also sends you a confirmation email and lets you know when the files have been downloaded.
  2. box.com
    You will need to login here, but it’s free. This site will also store your files online. There are limitations with free (like how many files per folder) but added bonus is you share the link to an individual file or folder, or you can give someone full access to the folder, enabling them to add files as well as download – making file sharing easy.
  3. Google Drive
    Created by google, gain access at google.com/drive using your google account or created one for free. Similar to box.com just a different set up with more storage available.

BONUS – Convert Files

Easily convert file types you can’t read/view using this website. Simply head to cloudconvert.com and select file from your desktop (you can even select from box or google drive folders) and the format you wish to convert to then click start conversion. You can even do more than one file at time.

Happy sharing.



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